Introducing the hottest news of 2012 – Our brand new RaceBox is revolutionizing the marine electronics field, replacing the need for a laptop to enable you to view your boat’s polar information on your Nexus instruments. The RaceBox transmits and stores your boat’s polars through the Nexus server to your Nexus system via a SD card. Coupled with a GPS antenna (we recommend the Nexus nGPS), you can even use the Racebox as a sophisticated start-line timer specific to your boat’s performance curve. It is more durable than a laptop, uses less power, takes up less space, can’t be forgotten in the car and will become the most valued crew member on the boat. The NX2 users can choose between three of the information strings below, whereas NXR systems can show all.
  • Starting line bias
  • Polar Boat Speed
  • Target Boat Speed
  • Time to start line in seconds
  • Time to Burn
  • Meters to start line
  • Feet to start line
  • Boat Lengths to start line
  • The optimum apparent wind angle
  • The optimum true wind angle
Nexus article number 23300. The latest software is available here. Download and double-click the file to open up the contents, which include the instructions and actual update file. There is also an example of a config file available here.