What are the differences between a regular NX2 Server and a NX2 FDX Server?
– The advanced highspeed protocol FDX
– The automatic calibration for port and starboard
– The compensation for up-wash and mast twist
– The correction of the down wind speed effect
РThe tide wind correction on true wind angle and speed (activate from Nexus Race software).
РThe geographic wind direction will be compensated by the tide wind (activate from Nexus Race software).
– The trip and total distance will work on both GPS and Log sensor (depending on settings).

Can I update my existing NX2 Server?
All NX2 Server can be upgraded and converted to a NX2 FDX server. Ask your nationaldistributor for price and how to proceed.

Do I need to send it in for upgrade?
The NX2 Server must be sent in to your national distributor for the upgrade procedure.

Can I upgrade my Classic Nexus Server into a NX2 Server with FDX?
You need a new NX2 FDX Server. The depth sounder amplifier is built in and you will therefore, if you have a depth transducer installed on your boat, need a new depth transducer in order for the system to work.