Race Functions

Automatic calibration
To calibrate a whole system in an accurate way is not an easy task. The Nexus Race SW has a unique automatic calibration program. In order to be able to use this there is a minimum system requirement:

NX2 Server with FDX protocol
Log Transducer
Compass transducer (35° or 45°)
GPS Antenna (NEXUS, Silva or other NMEA antenna)
 Nexus GPS Navigator (NX2 GPS Navigator, Nexus GPS Navigator or Multi Center)
PC with Nexus Race SW
 Nexus Twin Fin wind transducer for the optimum wind calibration procedure.
The Steer Pilot is strongly recommended (not needed)!

The Nexus Race SW has possibilities to calibrate the wind angles for up wash and mast twist at tacking angles. It is also possible to calibrate the boat speed for port and starboard tack. The system will sense on which tack you are and automatically chose port or starboard calibration value!