What is FDX?

The FDX, Fast Data eXchange, is the protocol that allows the PC to become a fully integrated Nexus instrument when connected to the NX2 Server.

The Nexus Race  software free of charge with all NX2 FDX Servers, so bring your PC onboard and use all capabilities that the Nexus system can offer!

The Nexus Race software enables you to monitor all data in analogue or digital format, create waypoints and routes, logging all data, calibrate the transducers and system setup. You can also activate the NX2 Steer Pilot, set backlight levels on the instruments etc. In short – control the whole Nexus system.

The latest Nexus Race software can also be downloaded on the web for use with Nexus NX2 FDX server based systems. The Nexus Race software will not work with NMEA0183 protocol.

Connect your PC direct to the NX2 FDX Server PC port that normally is operating in NMEA0183 mode. When the Nexus Race software is started, the Server will automatically switch over to FDX mode to be fully integrated with the Nexus system.

We have a number of videos on our You Tube channel that cover the Race software, including one on how to calibrate your system using the software.